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HITEL is a small design but comfortable hotel located in an emerging cultural and creative district in Xiamen. The client hopes to increase their space by attracting more visitors from the nearby creative industry.

It was established by the owner, who has been living and working as a digital nomad for over 20 years. The client hopes to increase their revenue by attracting more visitors from the nearby creative industry, which includes photographers, artists, designers, and other creatives who work remotely.

A small design hotel called HITEL is located in an emerging cultural and creative district in Xiamen, China. The client hopes to increase their occupancy by attracting local artists and creatives to the hotel.
Hitel is a hotel in Xiamen, China. which was converted into a hotel from an office building. It has been designed with a practical approach and the goal is to create an innovative and sustainable solution for travelers.

The transformation of Hitel into a hotel required facing practical problems such as single internal movement or insufficient lighting. The design team had to find creative solutions to these problems, like using windows instead of doors and providing natural light through skylights.


Hitel- Game Changer In Hotel Business Line

But Now Hitel Is a most luxurious hotel all over the world people from several places travel and want to stay in hitel hotel. we will share some latest reviews of some Hitel satisfied customers.

Satified Customer Reviews- Hitel

  • The hotel is about 15 minutes’ drive from the airport, which is relatively convenient. The hotel is located in Creative park, which offers a nice view of the city. The rooms are warm and inviting with a large bed and ample space. The bathroom has a bathtub and shower as well as complimentary toiletries.
  • The hotel is about 15 minutes’ drive from the airport, which is relatively convenient. The hotel is located in Creative park and offers a variety of services for visitors. The creative park has been developed to provide an environment that will allow people to work, live and play creatively. It also provides a range of amenities such as restaurants, cafes and shops.
  • The hotel provides guests with complimentary breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi internet access in their rooms and a meeting room for business meetings or gatherings.
  • Huamei Space is a cultural and creative park style, with few people and beautiful shops. The Hitel hotel is located in the center of Huamei Space, which is near the subway station. The hitel hotel has some rooms with high standards and it has a very good location.
  • The Hitel Hotel offers free WiFi during your stay. The room rates are affordable, so you can save money while staying here. They also have an outdoor terrace that guests can use to enjoy the view of the city skyline and enjoy their breakfast or dinner on it.
  • Hitel is a design hotel that is built with the latest technologies. It has a pure white color and has projectors and electric curtains in the rooms to provide more privacy. In order to take pictures, there are two big screens in the room where you can put your camera. The hotel also provides various services such as a fitness center, a spa, and an event space for business meetings.
  • A design hotel called Hitel is designed with latest technologies such as projectors and electric curtains. It provides privacy for guests by using its pure white color which makes it suitable for taking pictures.
  • The Hitel hotel has pure white walls and ceilings to make sure that the photos taken in the room looks more lively and colorful.
  • The design of Hitel hotel is abstract and minimalist. The white color of the walls, ceilings, and furniture makes it easy to take photos with a camera or phone. It also provides enough light for taking pictures at night because of its high-tech LED lights.
  • The sty at the Hitel hotel was very comfortable and it was in an industrial park. There was also a nice coffee shop in the park.
  • The stay at hitel hotel was very comfortable. The staff were friendly, room was clean, and the bed was soft. The hotel is located in an industrial park, which provides a nice escape from the busy city. There is also a coffee shop inside the park with great coffee and food options.


Wrapping Up

The hitel is a new-age design hotel that provides luxurious and futuristic experiences. The modern design of this hotel is inspired by architecture of ancient Rome. It has been designed to provide a cool and unique experience for its guests.

The Hitel hotel is designed to give visitors an immersive experience where they can escape from the daily stress and worries and just enjoy themselves. This is achieved by using innovative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to create an immersive environment in which visitors can explore their fantasies without any limitations or restrictions.


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