What is the IHG Merlin Login Process?

IHG Merlin Login

If someone is interested in logging in to the IHG merlin portal but still faced some issues, then this is the right place to fix the issue. Here, we will discuss What is the IHG Merlin login process.

IHG Merlin

As the success of IHG s employee intranet system Merlin revealed, the company managed to alleviate communication difficulties across its whole firm. Developed with more than 220 people all around the world, Merlin now operates across the entire IHG corporate network. With Merlin, IHG employees are also able to book a discount rate at IHG properties.

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IHG Merlin Login Process

To use the IHG Merlin login portal, you must log in with your username and password. You will then be prompted to type in your username and password, and domain name. Once you have done this, you can access company benefits and manage your online profile. The IHG employee portal is free of charge to join, and you can even adjust your password here. However, you should be aware of the service’s terms. If you do not find your company name or email address listed under your contact information, you should speak to the HR department of your hotel.

  • Open The IHG Merlin Login Portal.
  • Enter Your Username & Password.
  • Click on the login button.
  • If you forget your username or password, you can easily request the new one from the web page.
 IHG Merlin Login

IHG Rewards Club

You can easily sign on to the Rewards Club at IHG Merlin by accessing the portal by following the steps shown in the above section. If you are an employee of IHG Merlin, you can register your membership online by using your IHG Rewards Club number and company corporate ID. Then, you can link your ID with your Merlin profile and access the employee rate. You must be an IHG employee to use this program or discount rates, as employees are not permitted to book rooms without it.

You are required to have a valid ID in order to ensure that the employee’s rate has been credited to your account. If you are an employee of a franchised hotel, you may first need to get the manager’s approval before accessing this rate.

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IHG Employee Room Benefit Program

To use the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program in Merlin, you must be an IHG employee. Using this program will allow you to book up to 7 room nights per year using the IHG employee rate. Bookings must be made at least 90 days in advance. To book an employee rate, you must first complete IHG Rewards Program. To access and use the program, visit the Merlin website and select the Edit Profile option.

An employee must have a Merlin ID and an IHG Rewards Club membership in order to register for the Employee Room Benefit Program. The hotel manager will then enroll the employee in that program. Validation will last a maximum of six months, so employees must renew their registration every six-month period. A valid Merlin ID must have to use the Employee Room Benefit Program and get the employee rate.

IHG Intranet System

IHG Corporation employees can log in to the Merlin intranet system. This system enables IHG Corporation employees to keep up with all business-related developments at all of its properties across the globe. This also gives employees the ability to communicate with each other. Whether it’s a new hotel opening or a newsworthy event, employees can up to date by using the IHG Merlin Login portal.

IHG decided to establish an intranet system for its own hotel chain called Merlin. Merlin is a secure network that allows IHG hotel employees to connect across all of IHG’s individual hotel locations. It serves as an information-sharing hub. IHG Merlin was developed with help from more than 220 IHG employees from all around the world. It streamlined the flow of information to facilitate faster decision-making, which is exactly what has always been so integral to IHG’s revenue management system.

IHG Market Place

The IHG Marketplace is the place to go for products and services for both IHG hotels and resorts. Designed to bring licensed hotel associations and brands together into a unified market, the online marketplace creates an ordering platform that is easy to use.

The IHG is the world’s largest hotel company, along with being able to share its large size with its franchise members, offering savings and rebates. The Americas Sales Technology Symposium is a convention for major account sales team members of IHG, and the Partner Fair occurs both days of the conference, allowing hoteliers and IHG direct bookers an opportunity for networking.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will find this blog to be a fast reference and swiftly get crucial info on the IHG merlin login portal. We’ll quite discuss the whole step of the login process in detail and also highlight some important points about IHG merlin.


What is Merlin?

IHG created its own internally built intranet service, Merlin, for its hotels. IHG employees all over the world can communicate with each other via this system, creating an in-depth communication network. Merlin links all IHG hotels and provides employees with access to important hotel performance and productivity info.

How to Sign in to IHG Merlin Portal?

Once you have finished setting up your profile, you can log in to the IHG merlin portal to access your company benefits. The first step in accessing IHG merlin is to generate a username and password. To access the IHG merlin portal, make sure you have an authentic email address to use as a login.

What Happens, if You Forget Your IHG Merlin Login Password?

You can use the password reset feature on the IHG merlin login page to reset the password you have forgotten. Make sure to create a strong password; professionals recommend that song lyrics with upper and lower case letters and numeric numbers are particularly secure.

How To Use IHG Employee Room Benefit Program?

To use the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program in Merlin, you must be an IHG employee. Using this program will allow you to book up to seven rooms per year at the IHG employee rate. But keeps in mind, the bookings must be made at least 90 days in advance. To use the benefits of an employee rate, you must first complete the IHG Rewards Program.

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