Which item Was Invented by a Secretary and Later Sold for $47 Million Dollars?

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April 25, 2022
Which item Was Invented by a Secretary and Later Sold for $47 Million Dollars

Are you searching for the trending question that is asked by many people, which item was invented by a secretary and later sold for $47 million dollars? this article is for you, here we will discuss the quick answer to this question in 2 steps.

Quick Answer to the Given Question

Question: Which item was invented by a secretary and later sold for $47 million dollars? 


The quick and exact Answer to the given question is “Liquid paper”

Liquid paper is an item that was invented by a secretary and later sold for 47$ million dollars. 

Different Types of Liquid Paper

There are 3 types of liquid paper.

  • Paper
  • Corrective Pen
  • Corrective Tape

Paper Liquid is a transparent fluid used to cover mistakes. As you are able to buy it in small bottles, you can remove the lid and apply as much of it as you like. Once the paint dries, the Mistake can be erased, and it’s an easy, quick technique.

A corrective pen is another type of liquid paper packaged in a large pen. Ensure to shake it before correcting your errors, and let it dry.

Corrective tape is the most convenient kind of liquid paper. It’s a transparent and somewhat sticky white paper that you cover your blunder with. Using the tape, you can apply pressure to the error and then quickly rewrite it.

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Facts About Liquid Paper

Bette Nesmith Graham invented liquid paper. She was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1924. Her family went broke when she was 6 years old, prompting her to drop out of school and find another source of employment.

Bette Nesmith Graham had a talent for painting, but she was also a very skilled typist. In 1951, she was working as a secretary in Texas and looking for something to do on the side.

Bette worked as a secretary for Texas Bank and Trust. One day, she made a mistake while typing a letter and lacked any way to fix it. In a moment of frustration, Bette grabbed a bottle of chewing gum-based formula, water-based formula, tacky cement paste, etc., from the art supply closet and used it to cover her Mistake.

The mixture created by her works perfectly and suddenly Batte realized that she was not the only one who makes mistakes. that’s why she makes a decision to sell this product.

The thing about Bette’s product was that it had immediate success, and in her early years, Bette built a small empire. Bette renamed her Liquid Paper product line in 1956 and established a mass-producing factory. Her company continued growing, and by 1979, Bette take a decision to sell it to Gillette for $47 million. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1980, but her invention is still in use all over the world today.

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Liquid paper is a liquid that is used to correct mistakes on typed documents before they are photocopied or scanned. It is also used as a drawing medium and as an analog paint for artists.

Facts About Batte Nesmith

Bette Nesmith was born in 1924 in Dallas, Texas. Bette dropped out of school. When the liquid paper was invented, she was made leader value at $25 million. Ms. Bette began tracking them to avoid the consequences of her errors. She needed to find a way to either get rid of them or change them. And so, the idea of liquid paper came about!

  • When she’s 30, Bette joins Texas Bank, making $300 monthly.
  • Bette’s job allowed her to support her family and fulfill her obligations.
  • Bette was the first to use printed papers on paper for her mistakes before word processors like MS Word and typewriters.
  • Bette’s brother, Mike Nesmith, was in the U.S. Air Force when news of his sibling’s invention reached him. He left the Air Force and became Bette’s business partner.
  • Bette took typing and shorthand courses in high school but never graduated because of her need to drop out and work to support the family.


How Do You use Liquid Paper?

Liquid paper is used to cover up mistakes on paper. You can easily use it by shaking the bottle and unscrewing the cap. Squeeze a small amount of liquid onto the mistake and allow it to dry. Once dry, you can write over it with a pen or pencil. Be sure to let the liquid paper completely dry before writing on top of it, otherwise, it will smudge.

Is Liquid Paper the Same as WhiteOut?

Yes, liquid paper and whiteout are the same things. Both things refer to correction fluid, which is used to cover up all the mistakes on paper. The liquid paper was the original brand name for this product, but now many other companies make similar products that are also referred to as whiteout.

Is Liquid Paper Water Based?

No, Liquid Paper is not water-based. It is an acrylic-based correction fluid that can be used to cover up mistakes on paper. It dries quickly and provides a smooth, opaque finish when applied correctly.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand which item was invented by a secretary and later sold for $47 million dollars.

Bette Nesmith Graham was a great lady who overcame many obstacles in her life. She was a single mother who choose not to go to high school because it required her to be a parent. Despite this, Bette developed one of the greatest and most successful products of all time, Liquid Paper. She changed the world with her invention and is considered a source of inspiration to all.

Bette’s story is an example of the dreams we can attain with great ideas and hard work. Despite all the difficulties she encountered in her life, she reached her goals and made an impact in the world. Her example serves as a source of inspiration for all of us and we strive to reach our goals, no matter how challenging they may be.